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Oviya MedSafe is proud to share the links to all the past newsletters written by our MD & CEO Dr J Vijay Venkatraman since the founding of the organization in March 2012 (1st edition begins in April 2012).

Please click on the title of the respective newsletter (across the name of the month and the year) in the year-wise list below to access the content.


April 2022: Oviya MedSafe – Filling Pharmacovigilance With Life

March 2022: Oviya MedSafe – Specialized Units for Stronger Pharmacovigilance

February 2022: Oviya MedSafe – Pharmacovigilance For Everyone

January 2022: Oviya MedSafe – Ten Years of Dedicated Pharmacovigilance



December 2021: Oviya MedSafe – Earning Respect For Pharmacovigilance

November 2021: Oviya MedSafe – Diligent Pharmacovigilance Support for Clinical Trials

October 2021: Oviya MedSafe – Unlocking the Paradise of Pharmacovigilance

September 2021: Oviya MedSafe – Celebrating Pharmacovigilance with Pride

August 2021: Oviya MedSafe – Dignifying Pharmacovigilance Globally

July 2021: Oviya MedSafe – Caring for Pharmacovigilance with Commitment

June 2021: Oviya MedSafe –Emanating Holistic Pharmacovigilance Wisdom

May 2021: Oviya MedSafe – Scriptwriting Pharmacovigilance and Directing Compliance

April 2021: Oviya MedSafe – Symbolizing Excellence in Pharmacovigilance

March 2021: Oviya MedSafe – The Evolution of a Niche Pharmacovigilance Nucleus

February 2021: Oviya MedSafe – Embedding Pharmacovigilance in the Medical Fraternity

January 2021: Oviya MedSafe in Pharmacovigilance – Constructing Credibility by Communicating Consistently



December 2020: Oviya MedSafe – Maximizing Client Comfort in Pharmacovigilance

November 2020: Oviya MedSafe – Scaling Peaks as a Pharmacovigilance Evangelist

October 2020: Oviya MedSafe – Reminiscing Alongside The Pharmacovigilance River

September 2020: Oviya MedSafe – Overpowering Brexit-Induced Pharmacovigilance Challenges

August 2020: Oviya MedSafe – Standing up for Proactive Pharmacovigilance

January-July 2020: Oviya MedSafe in Pharmacovigilance – Soaring above the COVID-19 cloud



December 2019: Oviya MedSafe – Passionately Perpetuating Pharmacovigilance Proficiency

November 2019: Oviya MedSafe – Making Pharmacovigilance Lean Since 2012

October 2019: Oviya MedSafe – Walking with DIA on the Pharmacovigilance road

September 2019: Oviya MedSafe as India’s Pharmacovigilance Ambassador to America

August 2019: Oviya MedSafe – Refining Managed Services in Pharmacovigilance

July 2019: Oviya MedSafe – The Origin of Pharmacovigilance Celebrations in India

June 2019: Oviya MedSafe – Proudly Representing Indian Pharmacovigilance Internationally

May 2019: Oviya MedSafe – Balancing Subject Matter Expertise & Technology in Pharmacovigilance

April 2019: Oviya MedSafe – Regulatory Pursuit Beyond Pharmacovigilance

March 2019: Oviya MedSafe – Defining Dignity in Pharmacovigilance

February 2019: Oviya MedSafe – Patronizing the Pharmacovigilance Pachyderm

January 2019: Oviya MedSafe – Uniting Physicians for Pharmacovigilance



December 2018: Oviya MedSafe – Catalyzing Pharmacovigilance Compliance

November 2018: Oviya MedSafe – Epitomizing Pharmacovigilance Entrepreneurship

October 2018: Oviya MedSafe – Cultivating Pharmacovigilance Standards Since 2012

September 2018: Oviya MedSafe – Pioneering Peerless Partnerships with MAHs for Focused Pharmacovigilance

August 2018: Oviya MedSafe – Spearheading Advocacy for Translational Pharmacovigilance

July 2018: Oviya MedSafe – Exemplifying Versatility in Pharmacovigilance

June 2018: Oviya MedSafe – Augmenting Synergies in Pharmacovigilance 

May 2018: Oviya MedSafe – ‘IndUS Drug Safety’ Initiative & Indian Pharmacovigilance Day 2018 Conference

April 2018: Oviya MedSafe – Facilitating US FDA Pharmacovigilance Compliance of ANDA Holders

March 2018: Six Years of Oviya MedSafe & 72 Editions of Pharmacovigilance

February 2018: Oviya MedSafe – Personifying Integrity in Pharmacovigilance

January 2018: Oviya MedSafe in Pharmacovigilance – Benefiting from an Unconventional Approach



December 2017: Oviya MedSafe welcomes 2018 – a Year of Hope for Pharmacovigilance

November 2017: Oviya MedSafe for PvOIs of Indian MAHs – Pharmacovigilance Training & Certification Workshops

October 2017: Oviya MedSafe – Batting for Pharmacovigilance Independence

September 2017: Oviya MedSafe & Indian Pharmacovigilance Guidance for Industry

August 2017: Oviya MedSafe – Enhancing Mentorship in Global Pharmacovigilance

July 2017: Oviya MedSafe – Negotiating the Paradigm Shift in Pharmacovigilance Outsourcing

June 2017: Oviya MedSafe and Pharmacovigilance Days – London Experiences & Hyderabad Expectations

May 2017: Oviya MedSafe – Certified MedDRA Coders and Pharmacovigilance Torchbearers

April 2017: Oviya MedSafe as an Innovation Strategist in Global Pharmacovigilance

March 2017: Oviya MedSafe – 5 Years in Pharmacovigilance – 60th Newsletter

February 2017: Oviya MedSafe – DRUG DILIGENCE 2017 and Honours from DIA & ISPOR

January 2017: Oviya MedSafe – Building Pharmacovigilance Strategies & Invited Article in DIA Global Forum



December 2016: Oviya MedSafe fosters Industry-Academia Partnerships for Pharmacovigilance

November 2016: Oviya MedSafe – Pragmatic Pharmacovigilance Support for US ANDA Holders

October 2016: Oviya MedSafe – India Pharmacovigilance Support for Local Affiliates of Global Pharma

September 2016: Oviya MedSafe – Viewing Pharmacovigilance as a Value Addition for the Pharmaceutical Industry

August 2016: Oviya MedSafe in Outsourced Pharmacovigilance – Comprehensivising the Compartmentalised

July 2016: Oviya MedSafe – Redefining Leadership in Pharmacovigilance

June 2016: Oviya MedSafe – Brexit, EU Clientele & Indian Pharmacovigilance

May 2016: Oviya MedSafe – DIA Experience, Article with PvPI & Indian Pharmacovigilance Day 2016

April 2016:Oviya MedSafe excels in Pharmacovigilance of Patient Support Programmes & Market Research Programmes

March 2016: Oviya MedSafe – UK FPM Article, Indian Pharmacovigilance Legislation & DIA Speakership

February 2016: Oviya MedSafe – XML-E2B Reporting of ICSRs by Industry to Pharmacovigilance Programme of India

January 2016: Oviya MedSafe supports MAHs with pharmacovigilance obligations related to EMA MLM



December 2015: Oviya MedSafe – Bengaluru Pharmacovigilance Workshop & TiE Coimbatore’s d-Healthcare Event

November 2015: Oviya MedSafe – Asian Pharmacovigilance, Indian Emergence & European Compliance

October 2015: Oviya MedSafe – UK South India Business Meet at the UK Parliament & Pharmacovigilance Conferences

September 2015: Oviya MedSafe – Social Media, Pharmacovigilance & the UK Parliament

August 2015: Oviya MedSafe – Pharmacovigilance in Patient Safety Narratives for Clinical Study Reports

July 2015: Oviya MedSafe’s Pharmacovigilance Event Diary 2015 – London, Mumbai & Singapore

June 2015: Oviya MedSafe – Tailored Multi-Regional Pharmacovigilance Support & European Conferences

May 2015: Oviya MedSafe – WHO VigiAccess, EU Pharmacovigilance Pearls & Indian Breakthroughs

April 2015: Oviya MedSafe – UK bioConclave 2015, Pharmacovigilance in India and the Indian PSUR

March 2015: Oviya MedSafe – Third Anniversary, US FDA Safety Updates & Indian Pharmacovigilance Developments

February 2015: Oviya MedSafe – PIPA Fellowship, The Wall Street Journal and ISCR Pharmacovigilance Council

January 2015: Oviya MedSafe – Revamped Website, USA East Coast Pharmacovigilance Expedition & Mumbai Memories



December 2014: Oviya MedSafe exhibits at DIA Conference in Washington, DC and announces USA expedition

November 2014: Oviya MedSafe – RoW Pharmacovigilance, PV247 Webinar & Conference Participations

October 2014: Oviya MedSafe – DIA Conference, PIPA Publication & Hyderabad Talks

September 2014: Oviya MedSafe – Pharmacovigilance Insights, PV247 Webinar Success & Conference Talks

August 2014: Oviya MedSafe – Europe Trip, Pharmaphorum Article & PV247 Webinar

July 2014: Oviya MedSafe – UK Subsidiary Incorporation, Pharmacovigilance Publication & UK Trip

June 2014: Oviya MedSafe – Expert Clinician Panel & UK Visit

May 2014: Oviya MedSafe – Local Literature Search & International Clinical Trials Day

April 2014: Oviya MedSafe inks pact with PV247 Pharmacovigilance Software Database

March 2014Oviya MedSafe – Second Anniversary, Pharmacovigilance Audits & DIA Conference

February 2014: Oviya MedSafe – UK Trip, UAE Visit, LRP Services & Indian Pharmacovigilance

January 2014: Oviya MedSafe – London Exhibition & Indian Pharmacovigilance Updates



December 2013: Oviya MedSafe – Advantage Coimbatore, Literature Search & Bangalore Events

November 2013: Oviya MedSafe adds QPPV Services to its Pharmacovigilance Consulting Portfolio

October 2013: Pharmacovigilance Services bundled with hosted Drug Safety database solutions from Oviya MedSafe

September 2013: Oviya MedSafe – Bronze Sponsor of 5th Pharmacovigilance Congregation 2013

August 2013: Oviya MedSafe: Express Pharma, Indian Pharmacovigilance, Medical Device Vigilance and more!

July 2013: Oviya MedSafe now offers Pharmacovigilance Support for Indian & Middle East markets too

June 2013: Pharmacovigilance Outsourcing & International Clinical Trials Day – Notes from Oviya MedSafe

May 2013: Oviya MedSafe’s new capabilities & credentials in Pharmacovigilance

April 2013: Oviya MedSafe – Specialists in Risk Management Planning in Pharmacovigilance

March 2013: Oviya MedSafe – Pharmacovigilance flows from February

February 2013: Pharmacovigilance Workshop by Moin Don at Coimbatore on 23-Feb-2013

February 2013: Invitation to the Launch Event of Oviya MedSafe – Our Pharmacovigilance Company

January 2013: Pharmacovigilance Service Offerings from Oviya MedSafe



December 2012: Oviya MedSafe – Vision, Mission & Values

November 2012: First peer-reviewed publication from Oviya MedSafe

October 2012: Oviya MedSafe – Your Strategic Pharmacovigilance Partner

September 2012: Meet 60+ Pharmacovigilance Experts on Sep 18 & 19, 2012 at Singapore!

August 2012: Ma Foi Group invests in Oviya MedSafe Pvt Ltd

July 2012: Pharmacovigilance Asia 2012 – Get regulatory updates from 6 countries in just 2 days

June 2012: Oviya MedSafe – An Event Partner of ‘3rd Annual Pharmacovigilance Asia 2012’

April 2012: Oviya MedSafe – Pharmacovigilance Physician Services

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