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While the Pharmacovigilance fraternity across the world celebrates the World Patient Safety Day 2021 today, I am enthused to connect with you through this August 2021 edition of Oviya MedSafe‘s newsletter (the 107th in the series since April 2012) carrying my message for the completed month!

All of us would agree that doing something simple which rightly influences the thought process of the masses will usually be much more beneficial to the community at large rather than talking about cutting edge stuff which very few experts may be able to relate to. August 2021 began with such an effective step for me as I had the opportunity to organize (on behalf of the Indian Medical Association HQ Standing Committee for Pharmacovigilance that I am the Chairman of) a scintillating speech on “What happens when doctors report reactions after COVID vaccination?” by Dr Madhava Ram Balakrishnan (Medical Officer – Global Vaccine Safety, World Health Organization HQ, Geneva), meant for clinicians. I am delighted to share some screenshots from the interactive webinar which attracted more than 130 participants, providing immense insights to them and answering many of their questions on the subject.

From day one, Oviya MedSafe has not only been a business enterprise in Pharmacovigilance but instead came to be recognized amidst our network as a brand ambassador for the significance of Pharmacovigilance, thanks to our natural flair for the discipline. Wherever we went, we took to the audience our contagious fervour that in turn made us synonymous with Pharmacovigilance, especially for the non-industry healthcare professionals in clinical practice. Though it is true that a great extent of this public perception of Oviya MedSafe is attributable to my well-recognized performances in honorary leadership roles in several professional societies over the years, I can never afford to undermine the extraordinary level of alignment my team has had with my vision and the stupendous efforts all of my team members have put in to travel with me in this mission, never once compromising on any of our core values. With all humility, what more can I do to express my gratitude to them other than dedicating my next big milestone in their favour?

I take a lot of pride in dedicating to Oviya MedSafe team the most recent honour that the Drug Information Association (DIA) has bestowed upon me: Editor of a Special Section on Global Pharmacovigilance & Safety, for a 4th quarter 2021 issue of Global Forum (a DIA publication for which I have been serving as the Regional Editor for India since April 2017)!

In this role, I have been entrusted with the responsibility of sewing together a wide range of pertinent articles on contemporary/futuristic topics in Pharmacovigilance from different parts of the globe. On this occasion, I wish to thank Dr Alberto Grignolo (Editor-in-Chief of Global Forum) and the entire DIA Editorial Team (particularly Mr Chris Slawecki) for handpicking me for this distinguished assignment.

As we know, post-marketing Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety have always been a hallmark of DIA’s regional and global educational offerings, in strong alignment with DIA’s constituents’ interests and priorities. Since the pandemic, they have also become a more pressing feature of global public health discussions. Hence, we may have no better time than this to bring up such points for discussion.

Considering that Dr Grignolo’s personalized communications to internal DIA stakeholders have already resulted in quite a number of interesting topics proposed by renowned experts, I believe that I will be able to meaningfully contribute to DIA as Editor of this Special Section with your support. Please keep watching this space for more information in due course.

Eager to meet you soon with Oviya MedSafe’s September 2021 newsletter,

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Dr J Vijay Venkatraman

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