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With earnest thanks to 2017 that bestowed upon us some deserving accomplishments and with profound optimism that 2018 would bless us with greater laurels, I delightedly share with you this January 2018 edition of Oviya MedSafe’s newsletter!

Oviya MedSafe was founded in March 2012 with tremendous determination and zeal to be different from other global pharmacovigilance service-providers in the market; not because we too succumbed to the compulsive need to be seen differently. Rather, it was primarily because we understood that the available pharmacovigilance offerings were not in line with the business requirements of the majority of the target clientele. Therefore, we consciously chose this ‘Boutique Consultancy‘ model, in order to keep our services relevant to and affordable by small and mid-sized pharmaceutical companies situated in any part of the world. This model, which was then new among India-based organizations in the pharmacovigilance domain, was later explained in detail in Oviya MedSafe’s August 2016 newsletter ‘Oviya MedSafe in Outsourced Pharmacovigilance – Comprehensivising the Compartmentalised‘.

Today, I am overjoyed to realize that most of Oviya MedSafe’s significant achievements as an organization can be mapped to the unconventional approach we adopted long ago. The holistic manner in which we perceived, percolated, practised and promoted pharmacovigilance over the years has given our team an integrated view of the discipline, which in turn, has positioned us as a perfect partner for clients that have a clear demand for such a capability. As a result, Oviya MedSafe has now evolved beyond the stage of merely helping pharmaceutical companies fulfil their global regulatory pharmacovigilance obligations to that of a novel firm that renders customized cutting edge functional consulting offerings in pharmacovigilance to a variety of clients from different domains. Of course, Oviya MedSafe owes a great deal of these strings of successes to our vibrant team members who have always been ready to follow us with trust whenever we drove through the roads seldom taken by others in the industry.

Coming to updates on the ‘One-Day Intensive Training & Certification Workshop for Pharmacovigilance Officers In-charge (PvOIs)‘ conducted by Oviya MedSafe at Mumbai on 12-Jan-2018, the event was well-attended by delegates representing several Indian Marketing Authorization Holders (MAHs). The proceedings of the day were appreciated by the PvOIs who found this workshop as an opportunity to discuss their queries and derive a common understanding on many issues they faced in the context of the New Pharmacovigilance Obligations for MAHs in India. As announced already, we wish to conduct this workshop in other Indian cities too. The date and venue of the next instance of this workshop will be publicized soon.

Moving to pharmacovigilance from a medical practitioner’s viewpoint, I was triggered by a news report to write an article titled ‘Do adverse drug reactions always occur due to medical negligence?‘, which I thought would turn out to be an interesting read for you. I will be happy to hear your comments on this sensitive topic, which I wish to address in greater detail, as 2018 unfolds further, in my role as the Chairman of the Pharmacovigilance Standing Committee of the Indian Medical Association – Tamil Nadu State Branch.

Last but not the least; I would like to take the pleasure of inviting you to register for DIA India’s 6th Pharmacovigilance Conference – Drug Safety Unplugged which is to be held on March 22 & 23, 2018 at Mumbai. As a Program Committee Member of this conference for the 3rd consecutive time, I am privileged to have been asked to chair a key session and I hope to meet you at the conference.

Looking forward to re-connect with you through our February 2018 newsletter,

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