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I experience an unprecedented sense of achievement when I pen this March 2022 edition of Oviya MedSafe’s newsletter (the 114th in the series since April 2012); thanks to the positive reviews we received for the virtual colloquium we organized to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Oviya MedSafe’s founding! Although I already expressed my gratitude to all of you for your goodwill for Oviya MedSafe, I wish to once again thank you for your support throughout our journey in Pharmacovigilance over the past decade. It is only such encouragement that motivates us to aim higher and higher.

Today, I wish to speak a little about a unique bouquet of services that Oviya MedSafe has conceived in order to fulfil some business needs in the industry which are not easily addressed by the models currently available in the market. Due to frequent changes in organizational structures, many clients (pharma/biotech/vaccine/medical device companies) nowadays need small but solidly structured Pharmacovigilance teams to be assembled quickly and deputed to their projects albeit for short periods of time. Unlike traditional resourcing engagements that mandate the vendor to only provide adequately qualified and/or experienced people to work on the client’s projects for as long as the client requires, such strategic short-term projects demand a much higher degree of management oversight from the partner organization.

Moreover, since the partner is expected to understand the criticality of the project and at times govern the project on behalf of the client (which may include managing other large teams of the client/other service-providers that perform the client’s routine Pharmacovigilance activities), only a Pharmacovigilance-knowledgeable independent third party organization would fit the bill. Having said so, assembling such a talented team of Pharmacovigilance professionals for constituting a specialized unit warrants a wide range of networking capability within the global Pharmacovigilance community. Such an organization should also have enough projects in pipeline in order to be able to assure job security to the new employees, as and when the given client’s project ends. All these aspects are Oviya MedSafe’s strengths which could be leveraged easily for any interested client.

Before concluding, I wanted to share with you two brief video messages of felicitation which we received on account of our 10th anniversary. While the first is a testimonial from a former client (Dr Manoj Swaminathan), the other is from a long-time collaborator (Mr Enrico Pedroni) with whom we worked for many Pharmacovigilance knowledge-enhancement initiatives. At this juncture, I wish to thank both of them for their kind words. Of course, more such videos are in the making!

Looking forward to connecting with you soon through our April 2022 newsletter,

With thanks & regards,
Dr J Vijay Venkatraman

Managing Director & CEO,
Oviya MedSafe Pvt Ltd,
Coimbatore, India
Phone: +91 422 2444442

Oviya MedSafe UK Ltd,
London, UK
Phone: +44 20 3393 6037 

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