Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to reach out to you through the June 2013 edition of Oviya MedSafe’s newsletter.
As you might have come to know, Oviya MedSafe has evolved into a full-fledged Global Pharmacovigilance Consulting & Drug Safety Services company, capable of handling any activity ranging from end-to-end processing of Individual Case Safety Reports to writing Risk Management Plans. We believe that the recent inclusion of call center support to our portfolio of services is of a unique value addition to our existing credentials of capable pharmacovigilance staff, state-of-the-art information technology facilities and drug safety database provisions.
Though Oviya MedSafe primarily focuses on the safety of marketed drugs, May 2013 was a ‘Clinical Trial’ month for us with our staff observing the ‘International Clinical Trials Day’ on 20-May-2013 in novel ways ranging from educating their friends & families on the background of the day to expressing among their peers the benefits that Clinical Research has rendered to mankind, with examples. The occasion was further decorated with The Hindu (South India’s leading English daily newspaper) interviewing me in my official capacity as an Executive Committee Member of the Indian Society for Clinical Research and publishing it. Please click here to read the interview feature on The Hindu’s website. To share any comments you may have regarding the interview, kindly write back to me.
I am glad to acknowledge and thank all of you who sent your comments in response to my article titled ‘Pharmacovigilance in India – A Perspective‘ published in the March 2013 edition of the magazine ‘Pharma Bio World‘, which was featured in the May 2013 edition of our newsletter. Now, I take the pleasure of sharing the full-text PDF version of my second article in the series titled ‘Pharmacovigilance Outsourcing and Career Advantages for Indian Professionals‘, which was published in the April 2013 edition of the same magazine. Please find it attached. The article can also be read online and downloaded from this link. I am keen to know your feedback on this article too and would be glad to discuss any queries you may have in this regard.
Oviya MedSafe’s tryst with ‘Clinical Trials’ continues this month too, with our Drug Safety Manager Ganesan Ramakrishnan all set to talk on ‘Pharmacovigilance for Clinical Trials in India‘ at the 4th Annual Clinical Trials Summit 2013 organized by Virtue Insight, at the Kohinoor Continental Hotel, Mumbai tomorrow (Friday, 7th June 2013). I am with Ganesan at Mumbai and since we will be here till the evening of 08-Jun-2013 (Saturday), we look forward to meeting and interacting with those of you who are based in Mumbai and/or happen to be in Mumbai during this period. Please feel free to reach us on +91-82207-63222, if you would like to discuss potential opportunities for us to work with you. We will be glad to take the discussion forward, while we are here in Mumbai itself.
We at Oviya MedSafe take this opportunity to wish IQPC Singapore for their upcoming conference titled 4th Annual Pharmacovigilance Asia 2013, for which we have partnered with them as their event partner for the second consecutive year. The event, which is to be held between 18th and 21st June 2013, will provide a 360-degree perspective of the pharmacovigilance issues of relavance to the Asian continent.
Before signing off for the month, I am happy to update you that the workshop planned by the Indian Society for Clinical Research in collaboration with the Indian Medical Association on 29-June-2013 is shaping up well and you will soon be receiving the day’s agenda along with the registration details. I request support from all of you to make this a event a grand beginning of successes.

Looking forward to meeting you through our July 2013 newsletter,
With thanks & regards, 
Dr J Vijay Venkatraman 
MBBS, F. Diab., MBA 
Managing Director & CEO, 
Oviya MedSafe Pvt. Ltd. 
Pharmacovigilance Consulting & Services  

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