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Oviya MedSafe is a global Pharmacovigilance Consulting & Drug Safety Services company incorporated in India in 2012 and in the United Kingdom in 2014, offering advisory and outsourced support to the pharmaceutical industry. Oviya MedSafe is backed by 50 years of collective intelligence of its founding groups and works with renowned pharmaceutical companies and marketing authorization holders in various parts of the world.

Oviya MedSafe provides end-to-end global drug safety support (combined with regulatory-compliant drug safety database access, as required) to pharmaceutical companies with mature pharmacovigilance systems. More importantly, Oviya MedSafe comprehensively consults to generic pharmaceutical companies across the globe to help them constantly evolve their pharmacovigilance departments to be in line with the regulations pertinent to their market presence.


To become a leader in pharmacovigilance consulting services by strategically partnering with global pharmaceutical companies.


To inculcate a pharmacovigilant culture and proactively support the growth of drug safety practices across the globe. We will achieve this by integrating our expertise in pharmacovigilance with our medical experience, ensuring compliance to the dynamic regulatory frameworks and deploying the most appropriate technology.


Our Services


Oviya MedSafe offers comprehensive global pharmacovigilance consulting solutions through regulatory compliance, higher productivity and strategic drug safety outcomes. Oviya MedSafe has the broad-based experience in pharmacovigilance domain to help you address product safety concerns in a confident, proactive manner, and operating experience to provide unparalleled support to our clients.


With in-depth expertise of safety reporting in clinical studies and post-marketing surveillance, Oviya MedSafe provide comprehensive global drug safety services.From individual customized stand-alone services to diverse offerings, Oviya MedSafe provides solutions specific to the requirements of our clients.


Oviya MedSafe strongly believes strategic partnership as successful business tool with significant and sustainable value for all the parties in the alliance. Oviya MedSafe comes from rich background of entrepreneurship with 50 years of industry-leading knowledge in healthcare, education, engineering, and management domains. We understand better the competitive advantage in bringing technologies together across industries, engaging client’s needs, and harnessing collaborative knowledge of innovation. Our expertise in engagement strategies lies in flexibility and scalability of mutual individual needs of customers.

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