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Dr J Vijay Venkatraman: Oviya MedSafe – A Decade of Journey

Brochure with Agenda - New Delhi - 15th Nov 2018

Clinical Research in Europe: Conference on pre-requisites to enter EU market

Article - DIA Global Forum - January 2018

New Pharmacovigilance Obligations for MAHs in India

Article - DIA Global Forum - February 2017

Pharmacovigilance Programme of India: SWOT Analysis

Article - Express Pharma - November 16-30, 2016

Pharmacovigilance as a Value Addition to the Pharmaceutical Industry

Article - Journal of Young Pharmacists, Vol 8, Issue 3 - Jul - Sep 2016

Pharmacovigilante’s in the Pharmacovigilance Programme of India

Article - Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine Spring 2016, Newsletter - March 2016

Pharmacovigilance in India – The Past, Present and Future

Article - Pharma Times - 08-Aug-2015

Social Media as a Catalyst in the Advancement of Pharmacovigilance

Article - Pharmabiz - 01-Apr-2015

Current Status of Pharmacovigilance in India

Interview - Pharma Bio World - September 2013

Thalidomide Tragedy Revisited

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