Oviya MedSafe signs mou with UK-based company to provide Pharmacovigilance Support

The Coimbatore-based global pharmacovigilance consulting & drug safety services company, Oviya MedSafe, has signed an agreement with UK-based software development company, Assured Information Systems, to provide cost-effective pharmacovigilance support to pharmaceutical companies.

While briefing Pharmabiz, the managing director of Oviya, Dr Vijay Venkataraman, said the strategic alliance aspires to promote the adoption of drug safety systems, especially among small and mid-sized innovators and generic drug marketers of any size throughout the world.

As per the agreement, Oviya MedSafe will deliver comprehensive pharmacovigilance solutions in an economically and user-friendly manner. Oviya MedSafe will represent the UK-based company in India and in the Asia Pacific region.

“PV247, a product of Assured, is a human pharmacovigilance hosted software database that offers intuitive end-to-end pharmacovigilance support to the global pharmaceutical industry. PV247 is E2B and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. It is capable of electronic reporting to all regulatory authorities across the globe, including EMA and US FDA. This software product is recognised as high quality product and is specifically designed to operate in compliance with the world-wide regulatory legislation that governs this industry”, said Dr Vijay.

Oviya MedSafe is a global pharmacovigilance consulting & drug safety services company established in India in 2012 and in the UK in 2014 offering advisory and outsourced support to the pharmaceutical industry. The company is backed by 50 years of collective intelligence of its founding groups and working with renowned pharmaceutical companies and marketing authorisation holders in various parts of the world.

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