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As I start penning this June 2017 edition of Oviya MedSafe’s newsletter, I cannot help getting overwhelmed by the heartfelt appreciations I received from many of you in the context of Team Oviya MedSafe’s achievements in clearing the Certified MedDRA Coder (CMC) examination, about which I had written in detail in Oviya MedSafe’s May 2017 newsletter. I felt personally gratified by a particular comment from a long-term observer which went on to mean that Oviya MedSafe’s progressive growth over the past 5 years has a lot to do with the organization’s behaviour of constantly working hard to earn such genuine credentials on an ongoing basis without showing any sign of slowing down to join the rat race in the pharmacovigilance domain.

The month of June 2017 was refreshing in the sense that I could take a quick break to travel to London amidst the hectic workload pertaining to new projects which were being initiated at our Global Delivery Centre in Coimbatore. I had the privilege of chairing the ‘UK Pharmacovigilance Day‘ conference (consecutively for the third time since its inception in 2015) at London on 06-Jun-2017. For those who may not know, the ‘Pharmacovigilance Day’ conferences are annual one-day events organized by EasyB srl, an Italy-based conference-producing company, which aspire to bring together Drug Safety experts from the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry: pharma & medical devices companies, biotechnology firms, government agencies, academic research and so on, from a specific country or region with the aim of discussing pharmacovigilance issues that are unique to the concerned country/region.

The 2017 edition of the UK Pharmacovigilance Day conference invoked loads of inquisitiveness, thanks to the impending BrExit and the apprehensions about the possible impacts of BrExit on the UK pharmacovigilance system. Along with the experts from MHRA and industry deliberating on various facets of pharmacovigilance such as technology, regulations, audits/inspections, automation, patients’ views, the SME (Small & Medium-sized Enterprises) pharmaceutical industry’s perspectives and innovative business models, I too had an opportunity to elucidate on my favourite topic “Pharmacovigilance as a Value Addition to the Global Pharmaceutical Industry” (which was previously published as a full-fledged article in Express Pharma, a leading Indian pharmaceutical industry news portal). The day turned out to be phenomenal not only in terms of the conference attendance but much more in terms of the knowledge-sharing that happened.

Back in India, I had to swiftly switch over to the ‘Indian Pharmacovigilance Day‘ mode, for finalising the Agenda and the Speakers for the second edition of this conference which is scheduled to be held at Hyderabad on 28th July 2017. The astounding success of the previous edition held at Mumbai in 2016 has raised the expectations for 2017, especially because this is the first major and exclusive pharmacovigilance event to have been organized in Hyderabad in the past few years. Given the fact that Hyderabad is a global hub for both pharmaceutical manufacturing and pharmacovigilance operations; and with news of the revised draft of the ‘Pharmacovigilance Guidelines for Marketing Authorization Holders of Pharmaceutical Products in India’ being close to finalization by the Indian regulatory authorities, this conference aspires to augment the understanding levels of pharmacovigilance in this part of the country. Accordingly, the topics have been handpicked to be of relevance to all such stakeholders, for whom awareness about pharmacovigilance is now a compelling need. In this context, I am glad to share that popular pharmaceutical industry news portals Express PharmaLife Science World and CIMS Medica have published news on the Indian Pharmacovigilance Day 2017.

Regarding the delegate registration charges for the Indian Pharmacovigilance Day 2017 conference, I wanted to keep you posted that EasyB has planned to implement the last minute/spot fee from 22-July-2017 which shall be 20% higher than the present fees. Hence, it may be beneficial to make your registrations on or before 21-July-2017. Please visit the URL for online registrations and payments.

Last but not the least, I wanted to share two India regional reports authored by renowned pharmaceutical physicians Dr Sanish Davis and Dr Suresh Menon, and published in DIA’s Global Forum magazine, which I had the honour of editing in my honorary role as the ‘Regional Editor, India‘ since April 2017. The report titled ‘RARE DISEASES: Challenges and Opportunities in India for Medical Product Development‘ by Dr Davis was published in the April 2017 edition and the report ‘Clinical Research in India: Swing of the Pendulum‘ by Dr Menon was published in the July 2017 edition. I hope you enjoy reading these articles and look forward to receiving your feedback.

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