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I experience concurrent feelings of surprise and redemption as I pen this first note for you in 2020, since this bulletin is actually the December 2019 edition of Oviya MedSafe‘s newsletter that should have been released at least by my liberally self-set timeline of 31st January 2020. I am surprised when I recollect that 2020 has been so busy for me from Day One with the initiation of a bunch of Pharmacovigilance contracts recently awarded to Oviya MedSafe that I had to procrastinate this favourite ‘pleasant duty‘ of mine until the end of February. While this is indeed a good problem to have, what makes me feel redeemed is that I have now been able to resume writing to you after ensuring the successful set-up of all these projects to the delight of our new clients, even amidst my pre-planned USA tour, thanks to my seasoned yet vivacious managerial team.

Over the past 8 years, I have stated many a time that Oviya MedSafe’s journey in Pharmacovigilance has always been driven by Passion. In fact, it was my Passion for Pharmacovigilance that resulted in me getting absorbed into it even when I had an already well-established clinical practice for a career, so much so that I once mentioned that “Pharmacovigilance chose me” rather than the other way round. At this juncture, it may be relevant for me to quote a definition of Passion that I coined for myself in 2013: “Passion is defined as the natural desire that reigns so strongly from one’s heart that it refuses to surrender to any external pressure even amidst adversity“. Speaking figuratively as well as literally, could any other field contain so much of “adversity” in itself as Pharmacovigilance does? And, having practised Pharmacovigilance with such Passion since 2012, it is no surprise that Oviya MedSafe has grown to be known as a crusader for pharmacovigilance, empowered by adversities all along!

Does Passion have all the answers? Of course, not. But, Passion searches for them without giving up. As we all have heard, “where there is a will, there is a way“. In Pharmacovigilance, our relentless quest for knowledge habituated us to continuous learning, which in turn evolved into a broad range of capabilities. As we kept offering these capabilities to our clients as services, we not only developed a track record but also consciously upskilled ourselves to match our competence with the business needs of our clients, thereby setting a strong foundation for building our people and processes further. Obviously, we could not have achieved all that we have today if we had compromised on ethics. Our firm insistence on integrity ensured that our environment imbibed it and then we became an organization that proudly follows its core values to a T. In a holistic sense, this is what I see as Proficiency and I am heartened to observe that Oviya MedSafe has developed the innate capacity to radiate it in Perpetuity.

At this time when we are adding many new clients to our portfolio and are looking forward to increase our headcount, I feel it is essential for us to reflect upon our own history and motivate ourselves to face the next part of our fascinating journey which is definitely going to be much larger in terms of scale and much wider in the context of global reach. While we understand that what brought us here may not always get us there, we also trust that what brought us here should never be undermined in pursuit of something that could possibly get us there!

Hoping that I have not treated you with an unintentional overdose of philosophy, let me take the pleasure of introducing an article on a non-Pharmacovigilance topic before I conclude this letter. As the India Regional Editor of Global Forum (a Drug Information Association publication), I am glad to present the regional report “Should Patient Involvement and Engagement Have Minimal and Maximal Limits? A Perspective From India” written by Dr J Mariano Anto Bruno Mascarenhas for the January 2020 edition. Please click on the URL to access the opinion piece.

Eagerly waiting to connect with you through our January 2020 newsletter,

With thanks & regards,
Dr J Vijay Venkatraman

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