Dear Colleagues,

As Oviya MedSafe successfully glides into its third year of existence, I am gratified to reach out to you through the February 2014 edition of our newsletter and thank you on behalf of the company for your support which has helped us grow into a full-fledged provider of global Pharmacovigilance Consulting & Drug Safety services!

Subsequent to the announcement we made in our last newsletter about our senior management members’ forthcoming trip to London in March 2014, we received quite a lot of meeting invitations which we have accepted. Though we still have some slots left, we request our UK-based colleagues who are interested to meet us, to get in touch with us as soon as possible, so that we do not miss the opportunity to understand your pharmacovigilance service requirements. In case you are participating in the 6th Pharmacovigilance 2014 conference organized by Virtue Insight on March 4th and 5th, 2014 at Thistle Marble Arch Hotel in London, it will be the best place for us to meet, as Oviya MedSafe is a Bronze Partner for the conference. I take this opportunity to personally invite you to visit our Stall Number S5 at the conference, where we can spend some time together to understand each other’s perspectives in Pharmacovigilance.

On the way back from the UK, our senior executive team will visit the Dubai International Pharmaceuticals and Technologies Conference and Exhibition (DUPHAT) which will be held at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre in Dubai from March 10th to 12th, 2014. We hope to meet most of the important pharmaceutical companies and marketing authorization holders who have operations in the gulf region, at DUPHAT, which is the most recognized and significant pharmaceutical event in the Middle East. If you are based anywhere in the UAE and would like to meet us with business interests, kindly contact us in advance so that we can plan our meetings.

While on the topic of the services we offer, I am glad to specifically mention that in addition to the EU QPPV services which we started to provide quite some time ago, we have now gone further and launched Local Responsible Person (LRP or Local QPPV, as they are also known) services for all the European Union member states. As you know, Latvia, Portugal, Cyprus, Greece, Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain and Poland require LRPs to be appointed for all products, while Germany, France, Netherlands, Romania and Italy warrant LRP services if the concerned product is nationally approved and not centrally approved. In case you are in need of LRP services for any of these countries either separately or bundled with EU QPPV services, please do not hesitate to contact us for a reasonable and cost-effective proposal.

And, coming to India, I am pleased to inform you that I am co-coordinating the conduct of a Continuing Medical Education Programme in Pharmacovigilance for Medical Practitioners, organized by the Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission (IPC), Ghaziabad – the National Coordination Centre (NCC) for the Pharmacovigilance Programme of India (PvPI), a Government of India initiative under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. The CME has been organized by the IPC in technical collaboration with the Indian Medical Association Tamil Nadu State Branch, on Saturday 22-Feb-2014 at Chennai, India. There are no registration charges to attend this programme, as it is fully sponsored by the IPC.

With pharmacovigilance being my personal passion, it is my pride to play a key role in supporting this event on behalf of the Indian Medical Association, which is the largest professional association of doctors in India. For more information on this event and to register for participating in it free of cost, kindly click here. Our heartfelt thanks are due to Express Pharma, one of India’s leading pharmaceutical industry magazines, which has featured this event on its portal.

At this juncture, Oviya MedSafe commits to contribute in all possible ways to the strengthening of pharmacovigilance in India, especially by professionally consulting to and training Indian generic pharmaceutical companies in setting up their pharmacovigilance systems and mobilizing them to be compliant with global pharmacovigilance regulations.

Last but not the least, I am glad to share with you that I have been recently inducted as an Associate Member of the Pharmaceutical Information & Pharmacovigilance Association (PIPA), UK. I consider this a great learning opportunity, as PIPA is one of the most vibrant pharmacovigilance associations in the world and I look forward to imbibing a lot of knowledge from my senior colleagues at PIPA. I am also happy to state that I have been elected as the Honorary Secretary of the Indian Medical Association, Coimbatore Branch (for 2015), through which position I aspire to more actively promote pharmacovigilance among doctors and emphasize on their responsibilities in patient safety.

I thank you for your patient reading and look forward to meeting you at London and at Dubai in March 2014. 

With thanks & regards, 
Dr J Vijay Venkatraman 
MBBS, F. Diab., MBA 

Managing Director & CEO, 
Oviya MedSafe Pvt. Ltd. 
Pharmacovigilance Consulting & Drug Safety Services

2nd Floor, KTVR Gardens,
220a-3, Marudha Konar Road,
Coimbatore – 641 025.
Tamil Nadu, India.

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