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I am overjoyed to present to you this October 2021 edition of Oviya MedSafe‘s newsletter (the 109th in the series since April 2012) which talks about an important step we have taken in the interest of guiding the next generation of aspiring Pharmacovigilance professionals to begin their career journey.

Let the World get the same Bliss that I got“, proclaimed the ancient Tamil Saint Thirumoolar in his literary classic ‘Thirumandhiram‘. Having heard the original Tamil verse quite frequently since my childhood, I have invariably been inclined to explore the pleasure of sharing my joy with my kith & kin. Professionally, I made it a point to implement the same philosophy within Oviya MedSafe as one of the core values of the organization from day one. Thanks to my wonderful colleagues, learning and teaching Pharmacovigilance has been a beautiful and enjoyable experience at Oviya MedSafe all the time. Although Oviya MedSafe is a leading provider of global Pharmacovigilance consultancy & outsourced Drug Safety services today, we take pride in being an academically sound institution as well. The reality that our training endeavors were meant only for our staff, clients and collaborators made us ponder many a time on how better we could take the essence of Pharmacovigilance to the community such that they could benefit from its grace as much as we did.

October 6th, 2021 was the day that made us feel satisfied of having made a beginning in this aspect. It was on this day that we signed up to provide Pharmacovigilance internship support to The Whiteboard, a leading academy for training professionals in the field of clinical trials and drug development, for their PV-Pro course. Accordingly, aspiring pharmacovigilance professionals who enroll for this course shall be entitled to undergo a structured internship program at Oviya MedSafe, after successfully completing their classroom sessions at The Whiteboard. During the internship period, the candidates would get hands-on experience on an industry-standard Pharmacovigilance software database (an exclusive sandbox version containing no client-confidential data), under the supervision and mentorship of seasoned Pharmacovigilance staff of Oviya MedSafe. We believe that apart from addressing the dearth of trained Drug Safety professionals in India (in the backdrop of the huge demand that is now being seen in the industry), this step will also enable us to scale up Oviya MedSafe’s operations which is an inevitable measure considering the rich pipeline of clients we have.

Please click here to read our joint press release with The Whiteboard. For course enquiries, kindly contact The Whiteboard directly.

On the personal front, the month gave me an opportunity to lead a roundtable session on the topic “Interpreting Indian Pharmacovigilance Regulations & 2018 Guidelines” at the 8th Annual Pharmacovigilance Conference of DIA India held virtually. It was an interesting platform to discuss this challenging topic with industry colleagues from several organizations. I am thankful to DIA (Drug Information Association) for consistently involving me in the Program Committees of this conference every year since 2016. Having had the chance to be associated with DIA through the years in various roles is by itself a feel-good factor I cherish.

Before concluding, let me take the happiness of inviting you to register for the 8th Annual Pharmacovigilance Symposium (virtual) of the Indian Society for Clinical Research (ISCR), on behalf of the Organizing Committee of the event. This year’s symposium will be conducted as a two-day webinar with the theme “Redefining Pharmacovigilance Frontiers for Augmenting Healthcare”, on 2nd & 3rd December 2021. This cost-effective event has acclaimed Pharmacovigilance professionals from different parts of the world as Speakers and Panelists. The agenda with the details of the Faculty and the modus operandi for the registration is available on this link.

Eager to meet you through our November 2021 newsletter soon,

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